MPQC Source Download

The source code for MPQC is copyrighted by Limit Point Systems, Edward Valeev and others, and is distributed subject to the Library GNU General Public License (LGPL). Some portions of the source are distributed under the more restrictive GNU General Public License (GPL). In brief, these licenses permit virtually unlimited free distribution of the source code and limited commercial distribution. The LGPL and GPL require you to pass on these rights and restrictions to others to whom you distribute the code. No warranty is provided. See the license agreement for more details.

The current version of the source code is available from the MPQC download area on SourceForge. The manual describes how to install, validate, and use MPQC. We encourage users to return feedback, bug reports, bug fixes, and contributions to the source code. Check the MPQC bugs page for the set of known bugs affecting the latest version of MPQC as well as information on how to report bugs. All the files in the distribution have been compressed with the GNU gzip compression program. If your system does not already have gzip, you can obtain the source code from a GNU ftp archive.

Development versions of the source code can be obtained from MPQC's Mercurial repository. The main development line is available read-only at the URL Developers can obtain read/write-access using ssh://


  • The latest release is 2.3.1. Note that, starting with 2.3.0, the verification suite is bundled with the source code.